WDC understands the importance of small cell usage across the United States. With our cutting edge equipment and prestige software we are able to simulate a live small cell providing our customer with carrier specific presentations to provide them accurate data in helping them with the overall deployment of their small cell projects.

CW Testing:

Before the small cell deployment starts we will perform an antenna set up, generating signal to replicate how the Small Cell will perform at the selected locations.

Pre/Post Collection:

When a Small Cell is deployed and in need of an upgrade we use top notch equipment to collect the data pre upgrade. By collecting data before the system undergoes any changes we capture how the system was performing before any adjustments in order for our customers to see the progression of their system. Post upgrade we will test the signal and provide a full turnover of both pre and post data collections showing the improvements/add on of the system allowing the customer to provide the carriers a detailed analysis report of their signal.

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